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ATNJ Education Fund

Educate, Empower, Engage

ATNJ Education Fund envisions a state of citizens who are informed and engaged in democracy; where the power lies with working class people; and where elected officials form policies that create and maintain a just, fair, and inclusive community.

ATNJEF is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.





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Providing Civic Education

Participating in democracy

Committing to Voters


Who We Are

We Are The Change

We are a group of mainly women who came together online during the 2016 Presidential election to celebrate the historic campaign of Hillary Clinton.  We organized into county chapters and began educating ourselves in order to mobilize and affect change. We have a core leadership team of 60 dedicated volunteers all over the state who run the organization.  Our culture is one of Kindness, Collaboration, and Sharing.


Thousands of volunteers.  Nearly 300,000 infrequent voters reached with hand-written Post it notes, Vote By Mail information sheet, and VBM Application.  Scroll through our Gallery below and see our warrior volunteers!


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