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Make a Difference Today

Philanthropy currently perpetuates systemic inequities against nonprofits led by women and by people of color and also chronically underfunds voter education.

You can be the change today.

Support us with your DAF!

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is your tax-efficient way to be charitable!

Want to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and also recommend grants from the fund over time?

Grants made to ATNJ Education Fund through Donor-Advised Funds can be designated in one of two ways:

  • to use wherever the need is greatest
  • to use for a specific program that aligns with you: Civics Handbooks for Teens, Partner Outreach in Underserved Communities, or year-round voter education

ATNJ Education Fund’s tax I.D. number is 83-2933150

Photo: Census Ambassador Training, West Orange, NJ (pre-COVID)

Limited Time Offer: GIFT WITH DONATION

To find out more about the New Jersey Civics Handbook and Gift with Donation limited time offer:

Other ways to donate


Payable to “ATNJ Education Fund”, PO Box 1206, Madison, NJ 07940