Want to do some good today?

We have volunteers who can commit to doing the work. If you don’t have time to volunteer but want to make an impact, a donation to our nonprofit is the most direct way you can do it.

Help us eliminate fees and donate by check:

Make check Payable to ATNJ Education Fund

PO Box 1206

Madison NJ 07940

Donating via Paypal has the lowest fees for us.

Use your own credit card. You don’t have to be a Paypal account holder to donate.

Donations go towards our volunteer efforts to reach infrequent voters.

What we are working on for 2020:

  • 2020 Census
  • Vote By Mail education to lower the barriers to voting during COVID-19
  • Voter Education: Primary and General Election calendar, How to Vote By Mail, What Are Closed Primaries, Know Your Ballot, Look Beyond the Line
  • Environmental Education: “Just 1” consumer initiative series
Consumers can make a big difference. Change Just 1 habit that is better for the environment!

What your donations will pay for:

We are a charity in good standing and there are basic things that we need in order to do our work.

  • $350 pays for one month’s bookkeeping to a woman-owned business that we use
  • $55 goes to first-class stamps reaching 100 voters
  • $85 pays for an hour for the accountant to file our forms with the IRS
  • Any amount will go towards hiring our first full-time staff member.

ATNJ Education Fund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.