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The New Jersey Civics Handbook for Teens

In 2023, we wrote, printed and mailed the New Jersey Civics Handbook to 17 year olds who qualified to vote for their first election in the 2023 November Election.

A thank you note!
The New Jersey Civics Handbook

Mission and Vision


The mission of ATNJEF is to educate, engage, and empower New Jerseyans to be active citizens participating fully in our vibrant democracy.


ATNJ Education Fund envisions a state of citizens who are informed and engaged in democracy, where the power lies with working class people, and elected officials form policies which create and maintain a just, fair, and inclusive community.

To see what we did in 2023 in furtherance of our mission and vision, please view our Impact Report.

Our elections need work!

Election infrastructure has long been neglected in New Jersey — and in our nation. Our work has resulted in major changes for New Jersey voters, especially lowering the ballot rejection rates and reducing voter disenfranchisement.

020 Elections: